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Next party Tonight 8pm EST

Suggested donation in support of Good Room + Staff ❤ 
see you there!

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step one ☻ MUSIC ↴

Update 8:13 pm please use ZOOM for party AND audio! Radio player having issues.

step two ☺ PARTY ↴

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't hear anything / see anything. What's up?

Step 1 is audio, click play on the radio player. If you can’t hear, wait a few seconds for it to buffer. Step 2 is party, this is a zoom party for chat and video, but don’t try to listen here – this is just a hang!

What's this for?

This to help the hardworkin’ and lovable Goodroom staff make it through this Covid-19 mess. Please pitch in with a $5, $10, $20 donation or more if you can.