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Help a neighbor get vaccinated!



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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't hear anything / see anything. What's up?

For hi-fi audio, click play on the Mixlr player. Give it a few seconds if you don’t hear anything. For the Zoom dance party click the gif animation image above. If it doesn’t work, try refreshing the page in your browser

What's this for?

This to help the staff + crew members of some of our favorite Brooklyn clubs make it through this Covid-19 mess. Please pitch in with a $5, $10, $20 donation or more if you can.


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Time Magazine / 3⋅30⋅20 / Coronavirus Shut Down Nightclubs. These DJs Are Hosting Digital Dance Parties to Get By

Who is your designer?

Andres Gomez is our graphic designer ♡

Alex Reeves built the website ♡